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Fill out the form below to join us for our Guest Sale on Friday, 2/24/2017 beginning at 3:00 PM.

*Printed Guess Pass is required for admission.

RERUNS ARE FUN strives to offer high quality, name brand items to our customers. Bring your best Spring/Summer clothing, toys, equipment, and furniture for babies all the way up to adults! Our reputation is an asset to you as a consignor and we work hard to conduct a sale that is known for high quality items at excellent prices. To maintain the integrity of our sale, please remember that Reruns Are Fun reserves the right to reject any item that does not meet our acceptance policy below.

QUALITY IS ESSENTIAL to our sale and to inspire customers to continue to shop our sale year after year!

What we will accept

Your best cleaned and pressed current style NAME BRAND OR BOUTIQUE clothing items (please note list below for store brands we will not accept)
  • Children's sizes Newborn to 14: All children's clothing must have a numbered size (not S,M,L,XL). Guess if size is unsure.
  • Infant Size Limits: 0-3 months, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, & 12 months. (See helpful hints on infant sizing) Limit: 10 best boutique & brand name high quality clothing items/outfits in each of these sizes. (i.e. ten 6 month outfits, ten 9 month outfits, etc.)
    • Onesies, socks, and tights will only be accepted if attached to coordinating outfit.
  • Juniors: Girls (sizes 1-15) and Young Men (S,M,L,XL)
  • Trendy Adult: Men & Women's Clothing
  • Maternity clothes: Current styles - Size correctly (S,M,L,XL). Limit to best 20 maternity clothing items/outfits.
In season shoes, in EXCELLENT condition. Infant, kids & adult sizes welcome. NO ZIPLOC BAGS (tie or zip tie together). Limit to 20 best pairs.

Cribs (please see recall website for cribs!), beds, changing tables, bookshelves, toy bins, small tables, chairs, home decor, etc.

Outdoor Toys & Equipment
In good condition - Bikes, athletic equipment, riding toys, playhouses.

All parts must be in ziploc bag and stapled/tied shut. Use only packaging or duct tape. Toys must be in working order with batteries, if needed. Limit 25 best toys.

Books, movies (no VHS), games, puzzles, computer-related items.

Baby and children's bedding, sleeping bags, blankets

Baby Gear
Play pens, exer-saucers, high chairs, strollers, bouncy seats, swings, etc.

**Please check the CPSC Recalls webpage and/or We Make It Safer Simply Check to ensure none of the products you are selling have been recalled.

ONLY bring it if YOU would BUY IT!


Reruns Are Fun reserves the right to reject any item that does not meet our acceptance policy. As a time-saver for yourself, as well as to our volunteers, only bring items which meet Reruns Are Fun acceptance policy. A consignor who brings an item or items which do not meet Reruns Are Fun standards will receive a strike notice. Three (3) strikes will result in a permanent ban from our sale.

Consignors can receive a strike for any of the following reasons:

  • Recalled items
  • Items that do not meet our standards
  • Electronic items that are not in working order
  • Puzzles and games that are missing pieces

This is in an effort to ensure the safety of our shoppers, maintain the quality of items for which Reruns Are Fun is known, comply with the regulations of the Consumer Products Safety Commission, and inspire shoppers to return sale after sale.

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How to Hang Items


Must be hung on WIRE HANGERS ONLY with hanger hook facing to the left.
(see picture)
  • Only tiny infant clothing may be on plastic
  • NO straight pins or tiny golf safety pins.


Must be safety-pinned together with hangers taped together at the hanger necks (where hanger is twisted together.) Please use enough tape to secure the sets together - you don't want sets separating - we can't sell without the tag.


Must be safety-pinned on hanger (see picture). When safety pinning pants/skirts/shorts onto hanger, attach safety pins on top portion of the hanger triangle. Attach with pins relatively close together and waistband tight. This prevents them from sliding down around to one side of the hanger and makes them easier to see when selling.


Attach tag vertically on right-facing shoulder with SAFETY PIN or using a TAGGING GUN.

  • If using a Tagging Gun, attach so the garment will not be damaged by puncture (i.e., attach to right-facing sleeve seam or to inside tag)
  • NO straight pins or tiny gold safety pins. (Amazon has amazing prices on safety pins)

LARGE ITEMS: Large items include items such as: Furniture, Strollers, Baby Swings, Bouncy Seats, Outdoor Play Equipment, Bikes, etc.

  • After printing your tag for your large item(s), do NOT attach the tag to the item. Bring item & tag to drop-off. When you arrive, we will give you a perforated claim ticket & zip-tie for each of your large items.

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How to Tag Items

Reruns Are Fun uses the online tagging and inventory system, My Consignment Manager. The system is very easy to use and helps you track your items. If you happen to encounter any difficulties while using the system or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Our online system, My Consignment Manager, is easy, fast, and helps protect your items!

Click here to Register for the upcoming sale (if you have not already done so)
  • Returning Users Section: click the Register Here button.
  • New Consignors Section: click the Create User Account button.
    • Enter a seller consignor number and click Register Me.
      • Seller number must be a unique number for Reruns Consignor. (if you need help, please click here to email us)

Login and follow the online form to register for this sale. After Registering, you may enter items, transfer items, volunteer to work a shift, and select a check-in time.

Sign up to Volunteer:
  • Your $15 participation fee is waived
  • You shop BEFORE consignors and the public!
  • You can even earn 75% of your sales if you work a total of three 4-hour shifts with one shift being a high priority (these are noted in the volunteer shift schedule).

You may enter as many items as you wish and print when desired. They system will save what you have printed.
  • You have the option to print items not previously printed or reprint an item(s) if needed.

Tags will print with barcodes and the system will print 8 tags per page.

You must print in BLACK ink on WHITE or light colored CARDSTOCK so the barcode will scan correctly!
  • NO regular copy/printer paper will be accepted. Those tags will get bent and will NOT scan.
    • Cardstock can be found easily at Office Depot, Wal-Mart, or Target.

If you check the DISCOUNT box, you are indicating that your item can be sold for half price on half-price days. Leaving the discount box unchecked means that you do NOT want your item to be sold for half price on half-price days. The system keeps track of this information and if your item is sold at half-price, you will see this in your reconciliation report at the end of the sale.

If you check the DONATE box, the item, if not sold by the end of the sale, will be donated. If you leave the box unchecked, the item, if still remaining at the end of the sale, will not be donated.

As you enter each item, your list of items will show below the entry form. If you leave the screen or are timed out of My Consignment Manager (the system times you out after 10 minutes of inactivity) your items are still in the inventory database. You can access all of your entered items from the Manage Inventory screen, which you may use to print items as needed.

You do not have to enter items and print during the same session online. You can print or reprint at ANY time before the start of the sale.
  • This is important to note. If your printer jams or you need to reprint for any reason, please know that your items are NOT lost. You DO NOT have to re-enter these items. The system will assume the items printed, so the sort feature in the system has the items listed as "printed" but you can sort for all items, printed or not printed.

My Consignment Manager will generate an online list for you to view items consigned (Manage Inventory Report); items sold (View Settlement Report - which is updated each morning); and items sold, unsold, and donated (Reconciliation Report - which is updated at the end of the sale).
  • Please note the View Settlement Report is the daily report to be viewed. Reports such as Projected Settlement Report and Manage Inventory will NOT show updated sales during the week of the sale.

Transferring Items: Recheck your items to make sure everything is correct and it is seasonally appropriate.
  • A tag CANNOT be manually altered. If you make changes including price, size, or description a new tag must be printed! You can transfer the item and then edit the information after it has been transferred.
    • In the online barcode/inventory system, select "Manage Inventory"
    • Select the sale where your items are located. (top left drop-down arrow)
    • Click on the Select Sale button, your items will appear below.
    • In the table below (where items are listed), go to the Status column header and choose the drop down option for NOT Sold items.
    • Click on the Refresh button on the left side of the table. It will show only items not sold below.
    • Above the Refresh button, note how many NOT SOLD items you have.
    • Above the Refresh button select the highest number to include the greatest amount of your "not sold" items. (or you can scroll through pages online)
    • Select the box to check which items you choose to transfer.
    • In the box on the upper right of the screen, click on the "Item Transfers" button and select the sale to which you are transferring your items and click on "Transfer Item(s) Now."
    • If you have transferred all your desired items, you are done, and your tags are now transferred.
    • When you are finished transferring items, select the current sale in the Select a Sale drop-down (top left section of screen). You may edit the transferred items if needed or add additional items by clicking on Enter Items.

LARGE ITEMS: Large items include items such as: Furniture, Strollers, Baby Swings, Bouncy Seats, Outdoor Play Equipment, Bikes, etc.
  • After printing your tag for your large item(s), do NOT attach the tag to the item. Bring item & tag to drop-off. When you arrive, we will give you a perforated claim ticket & zip-tie for each of your large items.

Helpful hints:

  • Make sure you have enough ink in your printer so that the lines do not fade.
  • DO NOT TAPE OVER BARCODE on the tag!! Taping over the barcode will interfere with scanning and your items may not record correctly.
  • We will not sell an item with a missing tag. Therefore, for extra SECURITY and to help prevent tag from getting lost, you may want to place a piece of packing tape (scotch tape does not work) over the safety pin or tagging gun tab on tag.
    • Again, do not tape over the barcode, just over the safety pin so tag cannot be removed easily.
  • Also, on extra valuable garments, you may want to consider placing a piece of masking tape with your consignor number on the inside of the garment in case tag is lost.
  • GOOD DESCRIPTIONS on your tags are very important! Be specific in the description field - this helps us find your item if the tag falls off and prevents tag switching.
  • For the protection of your items, do NOT make changes or corrections to your tags once they are completed and dropped-off at the sale. What is printed on the tag is the amount for which it will sell. If you make changes after drop-off, the online inventory will not match the amount for which your item sells and will skew your inventory reporting. What is on the printed tag is the information that is used to scan the tag at the register. We are unable to sell an item if the tag has been changed, altered, or is missing.
  • When picking a size category for infant sizes, choose the lowest size in the range. (i.e., if the item tag is labeled 6-9 months, select the 6month size when tagging)

End of Sale Manage Inventory Instructions:

  • Click above link for Registration & Tagging System
  • In Returning Users section, click Login.
  • Enter your User ID and your password.
  • Scroll to bottom of Welcome page and click Manage Your Inventory.
  • You can now see all Sold and Not Sold items.
    • Sort columns using the up/down arrows beside column header.
    • Filter list by clicking the drop-down arrow under the column header and choosing a category. For example, under Status, click the drop-down arrow and choose Sold to see only items that sold in this sale.
    • Cleanup your inventory list by removing all donated items from your Not Sold list. Under the Status header, click the drop-down arrow and choose Not Sold. Then put a check in the box on the far left side of the item line to select all items that donated. Once selected, click the Remove Items button.
    • Your list should contain only unsold items that you would sell at a future sale.
      • Once registration opens for the next sale, you can transfer these items to that sale (if they are seasonally appropriate) - you don't have to recreate tags for them again - they are done.

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How to Price Items

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend pricing items at 1/3 original price if they are in excellent condition, and at 1/4 original price if in good condition. Price them to sell!

Here are some example brands to help guide you:

Bargain Brands (Retails $1-10)

Target Brands

Basic Brands (Retails $5-15)

Old Navy
Children's Place

Better Brands (Retails $10-20)


Boutique Brands (Retails $20+)

Matilda Jane

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Consignor Agreement

  • Consignors using our online barcode system make 70% of their total sales, less a $15 participation fee that is deducted from their check.
    • Please note that no upfront fee is required to consign with Reruns are Fun.
  • Consignors using hand written tags will receive 50% of their total sales, less a $15 participation fee deducted from their check.
  • Sign up to Volunteer to have your $15 participation fee waived and possibly earn up to 75% of your sales.

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Drop-Off Instructions

  • Please keep scheduled appointment for drop-off time.
  • Bring clothes to appointment separated by gender first, then hanging SMALLEST to LARGEST. Group sizes together with a rubber band or tied ribbon before loading in your car and items will stay in size order for easy drop off.
    • We will have rolling hanging carts for you to use at your convenience to easily bring in your hanging items.
  • All items must be tagged PRIOR to appt. (for large items, please bring your printed tag, unattached to the large item. You will be provided a large item claim tag - see "Tagging your items.")
  • A volunteer will inspect and hang your clothes and non-clothing items. We will have categorized bins for you to sort all of your non-clothing items for inspection.
    • Please do not leave until all of your items have been inspected so that rejected items can be returned promptly to you.
  • Please bring a POSTAGE STAMP (for standard size mailing) or 50 CENTS to drop off. We will print your information on the check and use window envelopes. The postage covers the cost of mailing your check.
  • Your $15 consignor fee will be taken out of your sale proceeds, unless you are volunteering to work the sale, in which case, your fee will be waived.
  • Must have a minimum of $50 worth of items to consign.
  • DROP-OFF Location:

    Far end door of The Factory at Franklin for Liberty Hall just off of Liberty Pike. Best parking lot will be near the Franklin Farmer's Market covered pavilion. We will have signs directing you to the load-in doors for Liberty Hall.

NOTE: During the sale, you must enter through the interior doors of the Factory at Franklin.

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Reruns are Fun Express Tagging Service

Reruns Are Fun Express Tagging Service will hang, pin, tag, and deliver to Reruns drop-off for you. You will receive the all benefits of consigning (including a consignor pass and $$$) without the extra work!


  • Availability for our Express Tagging Service is on a first come, first serve basis and space is limited. Click here to contact our Express Tagger for a drop-off appointment and other information.
  • Minimum of 20 items to participate in Express Tagging Service. A maximum of approximately 200 items are accepted to ensure items are completed in time for the sale.
  • Only Clothing and shoes are accepted for Express Tagging Service
  • No Maternity clothing is accepted for Express Tagging Service.
  • All items must follow our consignor instructions regarding what will be accepted and what will not be accepted.
    • Example: No recalled items, Walmart or Kmart brands, stains, tears, etc.
  • All items must be seasonably appropriate, freshly laundered, and free of stains and tears.
  • Please bring items to drop off appointment with your Express Tagger in a clean, non-returnable box or bag.
  • Your Express Tagger will create a unique account for you in our online system for tagging/tracking purposes. You will be emailed your login user id and password to track your sales throughout the sale week.
  • If you wish to consign more items (i.e., baby equipment, toys, furniture, etc.) you may register as a regular consignor here.
    • Please note: You will only need to register yourself if you are consigning other items. If you are only using our Express Tagging Service, please do not register yourself. You will not be charged an additional regular consignor fee ($15) if you are consigning using our service and as a regular consignor. (Please let your Express Tagger know that you will be selling additional items so we can waive your regular consignor fee).
  • Your Reruns Are Fun Express Tagger will price your items based on a reasonable sale amount.
    • All express tagging service items will be marked to be discounted on half-price day. If you have a particular item(s) you wish to select the selling price and/or do not want to be discounted, please give this information in writing (description of item, price desired, and/or discount request) to your express tagger.
  • Any items not accepted or unsold will be available for pick up (see next bullet point) or donated per your request.
  • Express Tagging Consignor must pick up any unsold items NOT to be donated on Monday, 2/27/2017 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm. All items not picked up by 8:00 pm will be donated. NO EXCEPTIONS!


  • Express Tagging Service Fee of $15 (to cover cost of supplies such as card stock, printer ink, safety pins, hangers, etc.) will be required upon drop-off to your Express Tagger. Cash or Check accepted.
  • Express Tagging Service Consignors will earn 50% of their total sales, less a $15 participation fee that is deducted from their final consignor sales check.
    • Again, you will not be charged two participation fees if you choose to consign items in addition to your express tagging items AND/OR sign up to volunteer. Click here for more information on the PERKS of Volunteering.

It really is that simple! If you're busy, but you still desire to make some easy money and clean out some closets, while still getting a chance to shop EARLY, then our Express Tagging Service is perfect for you!

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